8 Strategies to Earn 6 Figures by Using Leads from LinkedIn

  President of LinkedSelling, Ben Kniffen is hosting a webinar that will discuss the eight ways you can start making six figures or more with leads from LinkedIn.


This LIVE training is happening on Tuesday, exclusively for business owners who want to close the lead generation gap. You’ll learn:


  • The 8 lead generation strategies that are currently yielding major results for LinkedSelling clients, even just using a couple of these will bring major returns for your business
  • The 3 reasons MOST lead generation strategies fail and leave your business at risk of falling
  • How to incorporate these strategies and combine them in a way that’s realistic and doable for your day-to-day


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 “E everyone who takes these strategies and puts them into action, gets results,” said LinkedSelling client Noah Cohen.


Noah did exactly what Ben taught and the eight strategies brought in close to $20 million in revenue for Noah’s company.


Here’s what Noah said:


“I’m one of the owners of Cohen Architectural Woodworking. We’re a family owned business…we build cabinets for commercial projects all over the country, we do a lot of hospitals and clinics. We just recently finished up a job at the airport, about a million dollars worth of work for us - a fantastic job.

We were in a hard bid construction-type market (where the lowest price gets the bid), and didn’t know what else to offer our prospects. [But these LinkedIn strategies] started bringing us leads you’re not gonna find doing Google searches or calling up some secretary at a large publicly traded company. And as a result of that, it’s brought us close to $20 million dollars worth of revenue. It’s been incredible.”

  • Noah Cohen, Vice President at Cohen Architectural Woodworking


If these strategies worked for Noah, they will work for you too!

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