FREE Masterclass: Create Your First Online Course



Have you ever considered creating your own online course?


If so, my friends at Teachable are putting on a special event next week that you’ll find useful.


They’re hosting a FREE 4-part video training called, T which will show you how to make a full-time income by creating your own online course.


Click here to get free access to the Full-time Creator Masterclass and the Full-time Creator Checklist that goes with it


I’m so excited for you to see this masterclass, because online courses are the perfect product to create:


  • Courses are fun to make
  • They’re scalable
  • You can charge premium pricing
  • Help a lot of people
  • There’s no ceiling on your income


My goal for 2019 is to finally start making the money that I know I deserve.


When people ask me what types of profitable courses are being created on Teachable, they’re always a bit surprised (and impressed) to hear the answer.


You see, you wouldn’t necessarily know it, but over 30,000 Teachable instructors — most of them just regular people — have collectively sold over $200+ million dollars worth of online courses using Teachable.


Everyone has unique expertise and valuable knowledge that they can share with the world — and that includes you.


And in this 4-part masterclass, Teachable is distilling everything down into actionable insights you can use to make a full-time income as a creator with your first course.


For example, you’ll discover…


  • Part 1: The four business models you can use as an “online creator” and the one that actually creates a win/win for you and your customers. One of these models, “The premium publisher” model is the approach Teachable’s most successful instructors use and your best strategy for creating a full-time income with an online course.


  • Part 2: A few real, behind-the-scenes examples of course creators becoming “premium publishers”. Learn how anyone, even if you have a tinyaudience right now, can become a Premium Publisher and make way more money while actually serving their audience better.


  • Part 3: How to use the “6 stepping stones” you’ll need to create a full-time income from your course business. Learn how to offer high-end, valuable, transformative content that truly changes your audience’s lives for the better. By starting with a free course, moving to a paid course, and gradually providing more value with premium courses, coaching, mentorship, and finally becoming the’ll learn the path forward to making 5, 6, maybe even 7 figures from your content.


  • Part 4: How to use Teachable’s tool to grow your business as a creator. Teachable has grown their revenue 49,000% since 2015. And they’ve relied on one tool, almost exclusively, to achieve this. Now, they’re pulling back the curtains and revealing everything you need to know to use it.


These are just a few examples of what you’ll learn.


Everything kicks off on Monday, January 14th.


This is completely FREE. No catch. All you need to do is sign up by going here now. (You’ll get free access to the Full-time Creator Checklist, as well as the Masterclass.)


Oh yeah, one more thing....


This is NOT a live event. You don’t need to block time on your calendar for them. You can just watch the trainings as they come out over the course of the week when it’s convenient for you. They’re quick videos -- about 15 minutes each -- and you’ll walk away with actionable insights you can apply right away.


If you’re short on time, this is a great way to kick off 2019 and learn about how to make a full-time income from your own online course.


Hope to see you there!


Get your Free Checklist here when you sign up! 

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