How Incredibly Successful People Think...The Postage Stamp Method

Consider the postage stamp. If you want to be world-class, you have to start thinking like a postage stamp. It never gives up and it never takes the easy route. It masters its mindset because you can’t master life until you master your mind.


How would you answer the following questions:


1.   I wish I had fewer problems in life.         Agree or Disagree

2.   I wish I didn’t have to struggle so much in life.         Agree or Disagree

3.   I wish I had the opportunities that other people have.      Agree or Disagree.

If you agreed to any one of the above statements, then you are not thinking like an incredibly successful person.


Success leaves clues. So what clues can we glean from incredibly successful people?


Let’s break down each of the foregoing questions.


#1 – I wish I had fewer problems in life


You learn some of the best lessons in life from struggles. So instead of wishing things were easier for you, become better. Learn what you need to learn to overcome the challenges in your life. Then teach what you know to others. 

The only way you grow in life is when you face our problems head on. Stop wishing for fewer problems. Whatever you focus on grows, so instead of focusing on your problems, focus on the solutions. A great way to do that is by becoming more skillful. Get useful advice from a mentor. Attend that seminar. Make the needed changes.   

Iron is sharpened when it is refined by fire. Challenges will sharpen you when you learn how to cope with them. The best way to cope is to gain wisdom. Wisdom will help you defeat challenges and enable your growth.   

Incredibly successful thinkers are a lot like Abraham Lincoln.


Abraham Lincoln – 16th President of the United States


Born into poverty, Abraham Lincoln struggled to overcome every setback in his life. His mother died while he was young. He accumulated debt and struggled to pay it back. Lincoln ran for office and lost more than once. A fiancée died, prompting a nervous breakdown.

Still Lincoln did not give up. Finally he ran for president of the United States -- and, of course, you know the rest. Lincoln failed numerous times but did not stay down in defeat. He learned, pivoted and is remembered as one of the best presidents in history.

If all those setbacks did not face Lincoln, would he have known how strong he really was? Most of us have no idea of what we are capable of until we have no choice but to be that way.

#2 - I wish I didn’t have to struggle so much in life

Incredibly successful thinkers are a lot like Helen Keller.

Helen Keller – Author and Crusader

If there was one person who really had to struggle it was Helen Keller.

Born blind and deaf, she never gave up. To her life was either an adventure or nothing at all. She said, “The world is full of suffering, it is also full of the overcoming it.” She went on to become an author, lecturer and activist.

If she could overcome her struggles, what about you?

New York Times Best-selling Author Brendon Burchard says, incredibly successful people make it their job to go learn what they don’t know. “They take their current limitation and put it on their agenda as a job to do, as a thing to figure out, as something to make happen.”

It all starts with your mindset. Our feelings and thoughts create the circumstances in our lives. If your thoughts are negative, you will not achieve success, it’s that simple.

If you can master your psychology, the way Helen did, then you can master how incredibly successful people think.

Name one successful person that did not struggle in their life. Exactly, there are none. In order to reach the summit of the mountain, the prerequisite is the valley. If you want to reach the top, you must go the lows of the valley.

If you picked up football and ran across the goal line, would it be a touchdown? No. The touchdown only comes when you are facing a fierce opponents on the field. Only when there is a struggle to win.

Who would David be without Goliath?

Who are you shaping up to be if you only have an easy going, pain-free life?

#3 – I wish I had the opportunities that other people have.

 There are only two ways in which change happens in your life. Either you create something new in your life or something new will come to you without you having to work at it all. Which one do you have control over?

Yes, incredibly successful people don’t wait for circumstances to come looking for them, they go out and find it, no matter how long it takes. Opportunities in life are created by the incredibly successful thinker.

Incredibly successful people like Thomas Edison.

Thomas Edison – Inventor

Where would any of us without the lightbulb? Suffice it to say, all us are immeasurably grateful that Edison did not give up after the struggle. It has been estimated that he failed over 1,000 times before he created the lightbulb. Now, what if he just stopped trying, or what if he just kept wishing that had the opportunities that the wealthy have?

Each so-called failure got him one step closer to the real thing. As Jim Rohn said, “Don’t wish it was easier, wish you were better.” Keep trying until you succeed. You must not give in to defeat.  Each challenge in our life is an experience to learn from and grow from. If there is no friction in your life, you will not grow. Whatever does not grow, dies, just look at the common house plant. If it does not get the water it needs it will cease to exist. If we have no struggle in our life, we will cease to exist as well. Don’t wish for more opportunities, go out and develop more skills.

Abraham Lincoln, Heller Keller and Thomas Edison didn’t  know they had what it took to succeed in life, until they were forced to test their inner strength. New doors open in life only after you rise from a previous defeat and begin to walk anew. When you refuse to let failures hinder your progress, you will eventually arrive at your new destination.

 And there you have it. If you want to go deeper with me on this subject, sign up for my Free Academy Training. 



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