How to Create Bullet-Proof Habits...The Postage Stamp Method

Consider the postage stamp. The postage stamp is the king or if you will, queen of bulletproof habits. The postage stamp has only one goal. It will not deviate from that goal. It has established a habit of only sticking to that goal. That habit will never be broken. The postage stamp always stays the course.

In 2008, after my mom died of colon and liver cancer, a few years later, I developed the habit of getting up at 4 a.m. and going to the gym. That habit has helped and sustained me all these years. I knew I had to do something to get my mind out of the loop of negativity. I knew I had to physically move my body because where your focus goes, energy flows.

With that said, I started researching other high achievers and came across Brendon Burchard. I quote him a lot. That’s because what he says really resonates with me and has helped me become the person I am today.  I curate only the best. Brendon has been studying high achievers for over 20 years and the biggest secret he has learned when it comes to habits is “trigger moments.”

In essence, trigger moments are cues that remind you to activate your intentions or habits.

Burchard says, “It’s one thing to have the intention to be more kind, patient and loving with people; it’s quite another to set a reminder on your phone that triggers you into being that kind of person. It’s one thing to want to eat healthier but another to setup a mental trigger that says, “Every time I drop off my kids at school, I immediately go to the gym or drive to the grocery store and buy fresh produce.” A trigger is a “when this thing happens, then I do or think that.”

In order to set up bullet-proof habits, using trigger moments is a must.

Burchard goes on to say, “For example, if you want to become more present and calm throughout the day, set up three phone alarms to go off throughout the day with a label that says, “Close your eyes, take ten deep breaths in, and remind yourself to be calm.” These reminders will trigger you to enact the new behavior. 

“One of his favorite triggers to set up are “doorframe triggers.” Here’s how it works: When you walk into a room you have a psychological trigger go off in your mind that you’ve associated with that doorframe. So, for example, when you walk into the office in the morning, have three words go through your mind about how you want to interact with other people. Set up this same kind of trigger for when you walk into meetings, conference rooms, and even when you walk into your house.

“Whatever you want to achieve in your life - better health, more energy, more clarity - set a trigger. 

“If you set up more triggers reminding yourself to stick to your habits and intentions, everything in your life will change. You will feel more energized, engaged and on track,” according to Burchard.

I personally use three things that help me maintain and sustain my habits. I use visual boards. I have cut out the same pictures and put them on my board in my office and at my house.  Every morning when I wake up, I see the boards and when I come to work, I see the exact same thing. All this reinforcement helps my mind find ways to make what I want become a reality.


I also use my iPhone to create alerts to help reinforce what I see on the boards. A lot of people under utilize this great feature on their iPhones.  Right now, I want you to your “Clock” then hit “Alarm” then add your alarm time. Then under “Label” write out your goal – the same one you have a picture of on your board. Press “Save”.  Repeat this step three times for each of your goals. So from now on, every day at that time, you’ll be reminded to accomplish your goals. This is how you attack from all sides. You have the vision board, you have the alarm and now let’s move on to tip number three.


My all-time favorite bullet-proof habit device is the pen and paper. When we track what we do, things get done. As an example, I started using the Fitbit. This device tracks how many steps you take in a day. Before I had this device, I never walked 10,000 steps, but now that I track it, I make sure I do it every day. The same is true with any habit you form. When you write it down and track it, you will see the needle move, your results will encourage you to continue going. This helps to build momentum and you will become unstoppable.

 And there you have it. If you want to go deeper with me on this subject, sign up for my Free Academy Training.

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