How to Slay Doubt...The Postage Stamp Method

Consider the postage stamp. The postage stamp never ever doubts its ability to reach its destination. If it did, you would never receive that package you purchased on Amazon. The postage stamp slays doubt each and every day. How can you act more like the postage stamp in this area?


One day you think you are in good health. The next day you feel ill. Suddenly, you have no strength or vitality. Your head aches and your body is racked with pain. What has happened? Dangerous pathogens have breached your body’s defense systems and have attacked vital organs. Left untreated, these invading organisms may destroy your health permanently—even kill you.

The same danger is imposed by insidious doubts.

·        We doubt if we are capable.

·        We doubt if we are worthy.

·        We doubt if we will succeed.

·        We doubt if we deserve it.

·        We doubt if we are liked.

·        We doubt if we are loved.

·        We doubt our own voice.

·        We doubt our existence.

·        We doubt ourselves.

This is an enemy that must be slayed. Don’t let doubt stop. You must probe deeper. To slay doubt, you must get to the root of the problem, not simply ignore the symptoms. You cannot simply avoid the problem. Self-doubt is two-sided, on one side is avoidance and on the other side is action. You must act, because when you do, doubt is minimized. You have to condition yourself to act. Once again doubt is a choice. We choose doubt when we fail to act.

So ask yourself, “For what reason am I doubtful?”

We are doubtful because the insidious pathogen of fear spread in your body and breached your defense systems. This occurred because either somebody planted it there, by a thoughtless comment or remark at some point in your life or you cultivated it by your own negative thoughts.

The one way you overcome doubt is to develop stronger faith.

Webster’s Dictionary defines faith as complete trust or confidence in someone or something. Faith does not dismiss doubt. Faith conquers doubt. It means you will go full steam ahead, despite your doubts. Don’t let doubt stop you from pursuing what you must.

Use the words, “I’ve decided to.” This is empowering and helps slay doubt.


·        I’ve decided to trust my voice.

·        I’ve decided to I’m going to be in a happy, healthy relationship

·        I’ve decided to develop qualities to attract my ideal mate.

·        I’ve decided to stop settling for less.

·        I’ve decided to raise the bar.

·        I’ve decided to have more love in my life.

·        I’ve decided I’m going to have more money in my life.

·        I’ve decided to trust my knowledge, skills and abilities.

·        I’ve decided to be more confident and courageous.

·        I’ve decided to be strong.

·        I’ve decided to do it now.


Repeat those words or substitute your own. Define what it is that you decided to pursue. Well-defined goals are like magnets. The better you chisel them, the stronger the pull. When you decide, you put focus on your desire and it must come despite any doubts. What you focus on, you feel. What you radiate outward in your thoughts, words and feelings, you attract into your life.

Look, the hero is a hero because the hero does it anyway. Even though the hero is terrified and risking it all, he goes anyway. Be the hero in your own life, in your own story.

Faith alone is not enough. Faith without action is meaningless. When you act in the face of doubt, you develop your competency muscle and that leads to more confidence in your abilities. So instead of letting doubt hold you back, allow doubt to catapult you to where you want to go in life. Master doubt now and so that it does not enslave you later.

And there you have it. If you want to go deeper with me on this subject, sign up for my Free Academy Training.


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