JOMO is the new FOMO - What this means for YOU

FOMO stands for the Fear of missing out.

JOMO stands for the Joy of missing out.

 Unhealthy fear is a negative emotion you want to avoid. It keeps you trapped and in a rut all your life. Remember, whatever you focus on expands. So if you're constantly in a state of fear of missing out on something, you will only attract into your life more fearful things that you're gonna miss out on!

That's why like the new term JOMO.

Learn to embrace the joy of missing out. Do you. Don't be so preoccupied with what others are doing. For me, the following books are key to embracing this type of joy because these books focus on building real relationships with people. When you have true friends that you can count on, missing out on what others are doing becomes a non-issue.

In his book, The Power of The Other, Dr. Henry Cloud states that having the right kind of social connections is necessary for fueling your personal growth. Unfortunately, simply relying on online connections is not enough. 


In his book, Never Eat Alone, Keith Ferrazzi, helps us to see that true, in-person connections are what matter most. To develop great relationships are the emotions that connect two people. Emotions are relayed in many ways, but non-verbal, in-person account for the highest percentage. So get off your device and go eat lunch with someone you love and truly connect.



In his book, Give and Take, Adam Grant states that success is dependent on how we interact with others. Yes, through human interaction. The old-fashioned way of doing things.


In my book, How a Postage Stamp Saved My Life, I provide a simple framework that helps you start enjoying life. Joy comes from labor. A new mother is joyful over her newborn child, but the labor is hard work. When you truly want to have joy in your life, you need to labor at your passions and never ever give up until you reach your goals. You will experience JOMO when you start living your true purpose.


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