Learn How 1 Instagram Story Generated $2K in 72 Hours

Whether you have an audience of 5, 50 or 500, finding a way to transition from being a content creator to a successful entrepreneur can be difficult.


With the right platform and powerful software, online education and video can work together to help you create, market, and sell online courses to help boost your business growth.


As a content creator, you have a unique set of knowledge and experiences that can be a content goldmine when setting out to create an online course, and that’s why Thinkific  is the best place to learn online.


In addition to being a remarkable value add for your audience, online courses can be extremely profitable, enabling you to focus on building the business you love.


Good news! Thinkific is having an online summit to help you take your course to the next level of success and grow your audience with killer digital marketing and social media strategies.


Thinkific has helped 25,000 course creators bring their online courses to life and reach +11.4 million students while generating over $100 million in sales.


I am thrilled to announce the Thinkific Success Summit 2018! 


From October 30th-November 9th, this virtual summit will be bringing the learning straight to your inbox for two weeks of free training focused on giving attendees the tools needed to build and grow your online course business with successful students. 


Need help with your social media strategy, and who doesn’t? Learn from expert digital marketers and brand ninjas like Brandon Williams (@iambimma) who has successfully grown the social accounts of world-wide brands including Saucony and Adidas.


At Thinkific's Online Summit, learn how Bimma's online course generated $2,000 in 3 days (72 hours) from 1 Instagram Story.


 Brandon “Bimma” Williams 

Creator of Grams To Grands 

Learn how to create show-stopping content to promote your online course and reach new students on social media from Instagram expert @iambimma.



You’ll also learn from other summit guests:


  • How to use student engagement to 10x your online business
  • 4 Unconventional Ways to Double Your Course Sales
  • 8 Steps to Growing Your Course Business with Partnerships.


Register now to be the first to access each day of content straight to your inbox! As an added bonus, once you’ve registered you’ll be entered to win a prize pack valued at over $2000 including a year free of Thinkific, the best platform for hosting your growing course business.

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